Britain kicked out of EU early to save european Nightlife

After the Brexit vote for Great Britain to leave the European Union, Jean-Claude Juncker and fellow politicians have decided not to wait for Article 50 to be signed and have decided to remove the UK early, stating risks to European Nightlife across all member countries.

“We have many Brits still living in the EU” said Mr Juncker, “before these people go back, there will be opportunities for Brits to stay, but there are many who will get pregnant in order to stay in their chosen European country”.

After sufficient evidence came to light in the European Parliament this week, we have decided to take this action, in order to avoid a breeding epidemic within the EU of these people.

“We have released pictures and video to support our findings and hope that people understand our decision.”

“The UK simply MUST leave as soon as possible.” Mr Juncker concluded.