Barbecue CANCELLED after vegan confirms attendance

A much anticipated barbecue scheduled for this weekend has been called off after a vegan confirmed her attendance on facebook.

Up to 40 friends were expected at the event near Limpertsberg. The facebook event was advertised as “open to anyone who brings food”. The invitations quickly spiralled out of control as personal SMS messages were sent between the vegan and a confirmed attendee. After the vegan confirmed her attendance on the facebook event, an investigation took place which resulted in a group decision to cancel the event.

“We decided not to take any risks”, said the main organiser on Friday afternoon. “With an event this size, it’s important to take the best care of the majority of the crowd.”

Any disappointed barbecue goers need not fear, there will be another date set in the calendar, with a registration process and invites being sent out in a “Glastonbury” ticket style of distribution.

More info soon.