Christmas cancelled after Santa Claus arrested in Gare area

At just after 7pm this evening, Police back up was called to one of the streets around the Gare area of Luxembourg after a back up call from a rookie Police officer.

The officer had noticed several reindeer and a sleigh parked illegally and obstructing parked cars from exiting. A man in a red and white suit was seen talking with a known street dealer at the side of the road.

As the officer approached the sleigh, the dealer ran away, while the man in the red suit staggered back to his sleigh to ride away.

The Police officer then grabbed the man and made sure he could not get away while backup arrived.

A search of the sleigh resulted in a large amount of cash, drugs and several mobile phones. While understanding about the multiple time zones and contracts to make the phone bills cheaper for international travel, the large amounts of cash and drugs were not given a satisfactory explanation and so the man was handcuffed and put in the back of a Police car.

Benelux News team was quick to arrive on the scene and managed to get a quick interview with the Police officer; “We have apprehended this man with a large amount of illegal goods and we will be processing him and charging him at the station. It is doubtful that he will be released before the end of the year.”

As the interview was taking place, the arrested man began shouting from the inside of the car that it wasn’t fair and economic cuts had forced him into this situation, it gets him through the night, as well as shouting that it’s only once a year you boring b*stards among other profanities.

Has Christmas been cancelled this year? We will keep you up to date!