New results show Luxembourg citizens to be the richest poor people in the world

Fresh results were published this morning showing that Luxembourg’s citizens are actually the richest poor people in the world.

The study was researched heavily looking into different areas, such as housing, food, electric and water charges and the price of an Humpen.

Shocking results showed that despite seemingly good salaries, it still wasn’t enough to cover general living costs and to be able to uphold mild alcoholism.

Immobilieres who regularly take the absolute p*ss with housing and rental prices are apparently very much to blame.

“I go to work every morning, earn a good salary and what is it for?” said one local banker who asked to remain anonymous. “I can’t afford to get on the housing ladder, even together with my wife. It’s economic slavery.”

Benelux News will be following progress closely and will report as soon as we get another stupid report that house prices rose 19% in just 3 hours.

More to follow.