Boring couple to buy apartment next to Nightlife area

A young couple wanting to settle down and get prepared for children have decided to buy an over-priced city centre apartment, currently being constructed 5 metres away from a popular Nightlife area.

The area is home to many bars, clubs and restaurants and has been there since over 100 years.

Costing over 650,000 euros, this apartment venture seems to be the only way the couple can still appear to be popular and fashionable.

“We never really went out as much as we claimed to,” claimed the man. “We never even had that many real friends, but we felt it would be the right choice to move as close to the noisy nightlife as possible, so we can try to get a feel for what’s cool these days”.

His new wife continued; “It just seems like the perfect place to raise a baby or young child. It’s the biggest investment we are ever likely to make in our lifetimes, so we want it to be as central as possible.”

“We are especially looking forward to calling the Police at 3 in the morning to complain.” The man said excitedly. “Most of our lives we were rejected by fun people because we didn’t understand how to just have fun, now we are the ones stopping the fun and being a real pain in the ass, it’s a great feeling.”