French bankers talking extra loud in bar

A group of French bankers were talking extra loudly in a bar on Thursday evening after work in order to make people think they are successful.

The three men arrive every day in Luxembourg after travelling from Thionville and Metz, and after a hard day in the office, like nothing more than to go out and show everyone around them that they work in a bank in Luxembourg.

“I only work in admin,” said one of the bankers, “but it’s all about talking and laughing as loudly as possible, to make people think you are really senior.”

One of the other bankers admitted that he can’t afford the expensive drinks, but added “it’s all about showing that you have money to gain respect from your shallow friends. Once you have that, everyone in the bar will think you are cool.”

“We go out at least two nights a week, especially Fridays, which is when we really show off.” Said the third banker. “We don’t really have any taste in music, so we just go to wherever we feel we can show off and be seen drinking bottles we can’t afford.”