Luxembourg shopkeeper to attempt world record at offending customers

A Luxembourg shopkeeper will attempt to offend as many customers as possible this week in a world record attempt on the Grand Rue.

The 5 day record attempt will see the shopkeeper attempt to offend more than 250 potential customers who enter his shop from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm.

The previous record, held also by a shopkeeper on the Grand-Rue in Luxembourg City, currently stands at 238 customers in one week.

“There are many ways to achieve the goal”, said the man. “I can just be incredibly slow at taking notice that a customer is there, or I can sigh heavily when someone asks if they can try a different size of clothing.”

“We try hard to not recognise customers”, added his assistant. “I will try to be as disorganised as possible, but the real cherry on the cake comes when my boss acts stressed out when the customer is paying. He really has worked out his craft.”

The shopkeeper added; “My family are well connected here, so we really don’t give a damn if the customer is happy or not. We simply increase our prices by 250% to make up for the loss in trade. We know that you can buy the same shit just over the border for half the price, but why would they go there if they can be seen shopping in the shop of someone with a well known family but nobody really knows why.”

  • You can see the record attempt live all this week (and other weeks too) by visiting the shop on the Grand Rue this week.