Chaos as moron with 3 bank cards creates large queue of people waiting for bancomat

Frustration, panic and chaos erupted today as a large queue of people became frustrated while a total moron took almost 10 minutes to finish using a bancomat machine in the city centre of Luxembourg.

During the lunch break of most workers in the city, the middle aged man arrived at the cashpoint and inserted his bank card. Two people arrived just seconds after and started waiting patiently behind him, feeling sure he would be done in a matter of seconds.

Suspicions started to grow once they noticed that it had taken almost a full minute between the time of inserting the card and typing in his pin code.

As the man then took almost another full minute to select which service he wanted to use, the queue gained another two people.

“The problem really started after he withdrew the first card”, said the woman standing directly behind, “He didn’t withdraw any money, so I thought he didn’t have any money, or was just checking his account… But then the another card was taken out from his wallet and went in the machine, it was at that point somebody sighed behind me loudly, I knew something was going to happen.”

As the second card experience was coming to an end, again with no cash withdrawal, the queue had grown to over 10 people.

“The third card went in to the machine and that’s when it all kicked off.”

Loud whispers of “Putain” were heard towards the back, as people wanting their lunch started to leave the queue.

When the man finally withdrew ten euros with the final card, he made extra sure to spend an extra 30 seconds placing the money in his wallet carefully in front of the bancomat, while blocking anyone else to be able to use it.

“Nobody knew when it was going to end, but thankfully it did and I withdrew 20 euros from the machine in record time, hoping that the message would somehow subconciously melt into the brain of the man before me.”

Local banks are currently considering higher charges for people who spend more than 1 minute at cash machines. Watch this space.