AXE launches Luxembourg deodorant, smelling of Cola-Wain and Gromperekichelcher

Leading fragrance company, Axe, announced this morning that it will be launching a new scented deodorant that will be called “Axe for Luxembourg” in March 2017 and includes the essences of Cola-Wäin and Gromperekichelcher.

Having run test runs in various parts of the country, Axe is confident the new flavour will catch on, especially in the north of the country.

“We did a test in various places, including the very popular Schueberfouer last summer,” said a spokesman. “We found the mixture of these two fragrances to be highly accurate and attracted a lot of people.”

“We found the effect of the smells had incredible results, with one of our test subjects even managing to start kissing his cousin. It certainly does attract all kinds of women.”

Axe Luxembourg will launch in March in shops around Mersch and will launch in the south later in the year.