6000 people go to see fake DJ press play

Thousands of young people flocked to the Rockhal this week to see super star and apparent “DJ” press play on a USB player it was revealed.

French super star David Guetta managed to fool yet another concert venue in to thinking he was actually DJing by using a pre-recorded mix put together by a team of people behind the show.

Upon interviewing members of the public attending the so called concert, it appeared that his audience couldn’t tell the difference and some admitting that they don’t even know what a real DJ does.

Awareness campaigns have been circulating for several years after numerous videos showing evidence of David Guetta faking his performance at large festivals such as Tomorrow Land in Belgium.

Boy traumatised after listening to EldoRadio

A young boy was rushed to hospital earlier today after accidentally tuning in to EldoRadio. 

It is understood that he listened to an entire hour of music before collapsing on to the floor.

The boys mother immediately phoned for an ambulance and accompanied him to the hospital where he will remain for the coming days under observation. 

It is thought he suffered damage to his ears and emotional well being.

“He was fine until the music started,”  his mother said. “As soon as David Guetta came on he started to shake and eventually collapse.”

More tests are due to be carried out this week.