Luxembourg taxi driver already practicing longest and most expensive routes

An ambitious local taxi driver has spent most of Friday afternoon practicing the longest and most expensive routes all over Luxembourg in a desperate effort to show his boss how keen he is.

Jean-Pierre from Thionville failed at most jobs he had in life, but now he is a taxi driver and ready to take on the new role and hopefully climb his way up the ranks.

Having spent many hours learning roads and getting to grips with not driving just fast enough to make it through the next green light, Jean-Pierre is highly confident he can take on the country’s weekend taxi crowd.

“Like this I can drive whichever way I want and hope that my passengers are too drunk to notice.” Said Jean-Pierre. “If they say something about the route, I just make myself sound dumb, point at the Sat-Nav system and blame that.”

Jean-Pierre hopes to apparently “get all the money out of the Luxembourgers’ pockets” and become a Limousine driver one day. We at Benelux News are not so convinced.

Local authorities have recommended to anyone going out this weekend, please don’t use local taxis and use late night buses.

If the late night buses are no longer running, just go have a drink somewhere until the first bus or train. It’s cheaper and you have the best adventures that way.