Outrage as woman who doesn’t want dessert eats half of man’s dessert

There were scenes of silent outrage last night after a couple enjoying dinner for two in a restaurant.

After a delicious main course, the waitress asked the couple if they would like dessert or coffee.

The woman immediately claimed she didn’t want anything more as she didn’t want to eat anything sweet or fattening.

The man, who had been looking forward to a nice slice of cheesecake after the meal immediately ordered.

When the cheesecake arrived, the woman asked for a second spoon which is when the trouble started.

“I couldn’t believe it.” said the man. “First she said she didn’t want any, now she wants some.”

The frustration grew as the woman took several spoons of the dessert which quickly became half of the cheesecake.

“I was tempted to order a second helping.”

The man is currently calculating the best way to get around this issue in future.