Police search for MISSING TEENAGER who hasn’t posted on Facebook for FIFTEEN MINUTES 

Police from all over Luxembourg have been called in to assist with the search of a missing teenager from Esch after friends and family raised the alarm after noticing she hadn’t posted anything on Facebook for over fifteen minutes earlier this morning. 

Over 30 officers are involved in the search for Chantelle Scheiss, and her Mother made a frantic appeal after she didn’t respond on Whatsapp either.

Her Mum said “During waking hours, she always posts about things that she is doing like eating food, watching the dog sleep, watching Deutschland Sucht Ein Supertalent or just breathing. This is not like her, so there is something wrong.”

“If you are reading this message on your phone, please let me know if you are ok with a smiley face or a ‘BRB’ or something.”
There is currently no recent description of Chantelle to publish, as her Mum hasn’t seen her face for 2 years as she always has her head down, looking at her phone.

All her selfies have been taken off her Facebook after someone commented about her fake tan.

If any one sees Chantelle or sees that she is online, please contact Police immediately. 

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