Hollerich officially files for independence

The area of Hollerich in Luxembourg City has officially applied for independence on the same day as Brexit.

Plans are apparently in place for a “Las Vegas” type area with it’s own currency and economic system in place.

“The idea of Freedom For Hollerich (FFH) came about years ago.” Said one resident. “We always wanted to have a Vegas style area and for years we have worked on it. We wanted Casinos, Night Clubs and Hookers. So far we have the hookers and night clubs, all we need now are casinos. With current Luxembourgish law, we cannot have a casino placed in the area. So we are going for independence.”

The new currency, known as “Holler Dollars” has already been printed and is expected to launch onto the market with a high value.

More to come on this story, but Benelux News supports Freedom For Hollerich.