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Daily Life

New plans outlined for airport in Hollerich

The Hollerich independence party this morning released the first image of the proposed Hollerich airport to be built once Hollerich has gained independence from Luxembourg. The single terminal airport is expected to handle up to 100 flights per day and will be a destination for flights from as far away as LaRochette and Septfontaine. Some surprise has come at the […]

Daily Life

Luxembourg Police storm voting centres to block Hollerich vote for independence

Luxembourg police in riot gear smashed in the doors of polling stations and dragged protesters away by the hair, beating some with batons and firing rubber bullets at others on Sunday as they tried to shut down an illegal referendum on independence in Hollerich. Despite the police brutality against largely peaceful demonstrations, voting began in many locations across Hollerich and […]

Daily Life

Hollerich officially files for independence

The area of Hollerich in Luxembourg City has officially applied for independence on the same day as Brexit. Plans are apparently in place for a “Las Vegas” type area with it’s own currency and economic system in place. “The idea of Freedom For Hollerich (FFH) came about years ago.” Said one resident. “We always wanted to have a Vegas style […]