Parents planning to take screaming kids to over 18 drinking establishments this weekend 

Parents around the country are planning on taking their kids to bars this week in celebration of the hot weather. 

The children will be forced to attend lunches and various activities in over 18s drinking establishments where adults will be trying to enjoy a cold beer in the sun.

“I just let my kids scream and run around”,  said one father.

“If anyone complains, we will just give them a funny look like they shouldn’t be in a pub if they don’t like kids.”

Concerns are growing amongst the adult drinking community as strip clubs are increasingly becoming the only places to retreat for a quiet beer. But as the prices rise and the strippers get pregnant, it seems only a matter of time until strip clubs get converted in to creches.

Measures are being taken by a certain few, such as secretly giving the hyperactive kids Red Bull just 5 minutes before they leave the bar.

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