Supermarket woman with bad trolley skills to attempt to drive car home

On Saturday morning a woman in a large supermarket announced that she will attempt to drive her car home after annoying dozens of shoppers doing their weekly shopping. 

After displaying poor technical ability several times while in the fruit and veg section, she moved on to the meat section while getting in the way of no less than 7 people, eager to get their shopping done as quickly as possible. 

Benelux News reporters had arrived on the scene, shortly before she could reach the wine area for an exclusive interview. 

“I successfully managed to annoy several people just in the last 5 minutes, by cutting up people’s direction,” she said.

“I am looking forward to attempting to drive a car home and causing some near accidents as I go.” 

“The car park will be my first challenge, quickly followed by Saturday afternoon traffic jams.” 

Check your local radio announcements for traffic updates.

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