Loud Americans manage to annoy entire restaurant 

Hungry eaters were left feeling frustrated last night after a group of American business men went for dinner at a city centre restaurant. 

The group of four men sat down at a table around 8 o’clock and made their presence very known. 

The group were talking and laughing loudly while they discussed various topics, all related to work and being in the office. 

Other customers quickly noticed how boring the conversation was, although it seemed to be very amusing to the American businessmen.

“They just talked about ‘the Boston office’ and some associate of theirs,” one of the nearby diners said.

“We knew they were truly stupid when one of the men asked for tomato ketchup with his prawns.” 

The restaurant was reported to drop several decibels in sound levels after the men had left.

Restaurant workers have been warned to keep an eye out for these men as a warning for possible future visits.

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