Motorway chaos as people walk from Luxembourg to Amsterdam to avoid KLM plane fares

Dozens of Police cars had to close off multiple sections of Belgian motorways this afternoon after hundreds of people wanting to go to Amsterdam were priced out of flying due to KLM’s sky high prices.

“We just wanted to go to Amsterdam for a couple of days,” said one man leading the first section of crowd. “The prices on KLM’s website were ridiculous, quoting €239 for a one way flight that takes just over an hour! We also looked at the possibility of a train, but that takes almost 8 hours. In the end we just thought f*ck it, let’s walk!”

Another traveller also commented, “we contacted KLM about the price, but they just fobbed us off saying that there are good prices if we search the website. But we found nothing under €239.”

Police are monitoring the situation to make sure all of the travellers successfully reach Amsterdam in the coming days, as support is growing fast for the group.


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