Police issue burglar warning ahead of Christmas

Luxembourg police have issued a warning on potential burglaries over the holiday season, after an anonymous tip off from undercover detectives.

Two burglars, believed to be responsible for a host of global break ins are believed to be on the run from authorities.

The public are advised to call 113 with any information.

Growing concern Covid19 could mutate into Man Flu

Leading experts are facing growing concerns that Covid-19 (Corona Virus) could potentially mutate into Man-Flu within the next six months.

The virus has shown symptoms of becoming far stronger than originally thought and could progress into something far more serious, threatening the worlds male population.

Although many doubt that the Corona Virus could reach such strong measures, some are getting prepared early.

Families around the world are being asked to stock up on hot chocolate, tea, chocolate biscuits and haribo.

Should such an outbreak occur, wives and partners are being asked to stay on red alert.