Paris riots could be cancelled due to Corona virus, experts warn

The weekly Paris riots could be cancelled due to fear of the spread of the Corona virus.

Experts have warned that rioters could spread the infection through gathering in large groups.

However, riot organisers have argued that they already wear masks to many of the events and have assured authorities that they will thoroughly wash their hands before throwing molotov cocktails and setting alight to cars.

Marc, who normally riots on a Saturday afternoon said “If there are too many people gathered who could spread the Corona virus on the weekend, then maybe I will consider rioting on a Monday when there are less people on the streets.”

Talks are still underway.

French public ready to strike and have a riot, regardless of election result

A survey performed this week about the French public’s opinion about the final results of the national election have proved to be reasonably neutral.

In the run down to the final voting session between Le Pen and Macron, it would seem that either way this turns, the French are ready to call in a national strike and plan to destroy their neighbourhoods once again.

“We do not like any politicians”, commented one man in the street. “They can all go to hell”.

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