Child Protection Services called after parents refuse to buy designer bag

Luxembourg’s child protection services were called today after an incident on the Grand Rue in the centre of the city.

Police and child care workers were called to the Louis Vuitton shop around lunchtime to assist a teenager in distress. With the beginning of the new school year starting on Monday, the 14 year old girl wanted a brand new bag, priced at 1,400 euros to go to school with.

Realising that the bag would just be thrown around and dumped on the floor regularly, her parents refused to buy the bag and so authorities were called.

“We already got her the new iPhone 7 this week and now she wants a ridiculously over-priced bag,” said the girl’s Father as he was taken away by Police.

The girl was led away by carers to go to a care home while the parents will remain in custody for questioning.

The shop owner was unavailable for comment.