Lydie Polfer takes direct action after scooter spotted at protest

Luxembourg City mayor, Lydie Polfer promised immediate action yesterday after residents of the gare area protested at the bottom of rue de Strasbourg against rising numbers of drug dealers and prostitution in the area.

The protest went mostly unnoticed by government officials until a child on a scooter appeared at the protest.

As the emergency news reached government offices, Mme Polfer promised direct action against this menace of the streets.

An official report is yet to be made, but if rumours are to become true, it appears that Mme Polfer would prefer to keep the dealers on the streets and ban the use of rentable Scooters.

More news as it breaks.

Government steps up campaign to warn people about the dangers of krack

A new campaign was announced this morning after the news broke of 14 people being put out on the street after years of what was described as “working in a public krack shop.”

“It had got to the point where anyone could just walk in and buy what they wanted and walk out within minutes.” Said one of the workers who preferred not to be named. “It was crazy.”

The workers were aware of a guy who was in charge, but never met him. “We were constantly told about some guy named Joseph, but nobody ever saw him. We were told he was always close by.”

Police investigations are on going while the campaign goes to press.

Gare area man smashes world record asking for a cigarette 5,000 times in one day

A local man was surprised today to find out he broke the world record for asking for a cigarette from random strangers a total of 5,132 times in just 24 hours.

Television camera crews surrounded the man at about 4.30pm this afternoon, after news leaked that the record had been broken.

“I had no idea it was that many times,” he said. “Did I win a prize?”

He added that all it really took was dedication and always searching for new people to ask, whether they had a cigarette in their hand or not.

“The secret is to just ask anyone, regardless of if I was already smoking or not.”