Gare area man smashes world record asking for a cigarette 5,000 times in one day

A local man was surprised today to find out he broke the world record for asking for a cigarette from random strangers a total of 5,132 times in just 24 hours.

Television camera crews surrounded the man at about 4.30pm this afternoon, after news leaked that the record had been broken.

“I had no idea it was that many times,” he said. “Did I win a prize?”

He added that all it really took was dedication and always searching for new people to ask, whether they had a cigarette in their hand or not.

“The secret is to just ask anyone, regardless of if I was already smoking or not.”

Chantier workers to dig same hole for the 17th time to find lost lighter

Construction workers have been instructed to dig up the same hole they have been working on for the past year to try to find a cigarette lighter believed to have been lost by one of the workers.

The lighter has been missing since Tuesday evening when the worker arrived home after work and realised it was gone.

“It couldn’t have been stolen by one of the guys,” Carlos explained. “It must have fallen into the hole when I was climbing up.”

The work is expected to take at least 1 month to complete. 

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