Construction worker shouting incomprehensible gibberish

Several heads turned this morning after a construction worker was attempting to communicate with his colleague using an unspecified language.

Local worker Joao was trying to signal to his colleague with the digger that he was too far across the area by simply shouting incomprehensible gibberish as loudly as possible.

Onlookers looked confused as nobody could tell if the language being spoken was French, Portuguese or just complete nonsense.

Joao was unable to do an interview as he was too busy supervising stuff.

City Sightseeing Bus adds roadworks tour route

The famous “Hop On-Hop Off” sightseeing bus company has announced a new tour route covering Luxembourg’s roadworks, or chantiers to its options of viewing the city.

In addition to current routes, the roadworks tour will show passengers all of the current road holes and explain the history behind each hole including how many times it has been dug up and how many years it took to complete each “1 week project”.

More info can be found on their website.

Residents celebrate opening of new roadworks

Residents around the Place de Paris recently opened a special Christmas Market to celebrate the arrival of new road works along the Avenue de Liberty this week.

The local residents committee approved the event weeks ago with all residents in full support of the project.

“We are so happy to have the roadworks here,” said one neighbour. “With all the traffic jams and noise it will feel like a real city.”

The market will be there until a couple of days before Christmas.

Chantier workers to dig same hole for the 17th time to find lost lighter

Construction workers have been instructed to dig up the same hole they have been working on for the past year to try to find a cigarette lighter believed to have been lost by one of the workers.

The lighter has been missing since Tuesday evening when the worker arrived home after work and realised it was gone.

“It couldn’t have been stolen by one of the guys,” Carlos explained. “It must have fallen into the hole when I was climbing up.”

The work is expected to take at least 1 month to complete. 

Benelux News will keep you updated on the situation as it unfolds.