Ryanair Customer Service department finally located in Sahara Desert

Images made their way back to Europe today of Ryanair’s Customer Service department after several passengers went on a trip to try to get their money back from the cancellations in 2017.

After cancelling nearly half a million passengers’ journeys in 2017 and still not refunding the money, the disgruntled customers set out to try to get some answers.

Despite finding the office in the Sahara Desert, there was a sign on the wall saying that the department was on strike with no date given as to the return.

Crémant voted better than movies as Luxair wings it to second place

The public was woke up baffled this morning after the news broke that Luxair had made it to second place in the world in a supposed public vote on the Edreams website in world airline rankings. 

The vote was based on a number of factors including in-flight entertainment, beating airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Qatar and Etihad.

Benelux News reporters were firstto get in the airport terminal this morning to interview travellers.

“I am still trying to find the movies, music, PlayStation and free wifi options on my seat.” said one regular traveller. “It must be a first class section secret, as I every time I ask for it, they just give me Crémant.”

The website, Edreams, said that it’s survey was based on 90,000 customers every year for the past 5 years.

It has also had legal action put against it for fraud almost every year for the past 6 years.

Scientists are also rumoured to be heading to the airport to try to find the in-flight entertainment on-board the aircraft.