Ryanair Customer Service department finally located in Sahara Desert

Images made their way back to Europe today of Ryanair’s Customer Service department after several passengers went on a trip to try to get their money back from the cancellations in 2017.

After cancelling nearly half a million passengers’ journeys in 2017 and still not refunding the money, the disgruntled customers set out to try to get some answers.

Despite finding the office in the Sahara Desert, there was a sign on the wall saying that the department was on strike with no date given as to the return.

Waitress determined to finish her conversation before serving next customer 

A city centre waitress was praised by colleagues today after trying exceptionally hard to finish her conversation before taking an order from a patiently waiting customer.

The customer had been waiting for some time to be able to buy a coffee and a croissant, but had to wait extra long while the waitress finished talking with her colleague.

“I simply pretend not to notice,” she said. “I don’t really care if the customer waits or not, I need to discuss pointless things with my work colleagues.” 

As Benelux News was going to press, she was reported to be taking extra time finding change.