French Hunting Season opens in Luxembourg

French Hunting Season has officially opened in Luxembourg, allowing local residents to legally be able to go hunting for frontaliers crossing the border for non essential reasons.

Officials are hoping to slow down the spread of Covid 19 by allowing such measures and hopefully allowing some entertainment during these difficult times.

The decision to open the season came after record numbers of French and Belgian “Covid Tourists” flooded over the borders for non essential shopping. Restaurants reported being completely full, however they received record lows in terms of tips.

Luxembourgish and French police launched border operations that included helicopters, in order to catch perpetrators crossing the borders on small roads.

After witnessing some scenes, officials have now announced the start of French Hunting Season and hope that this will serve as a deterrent.

Anyone who happens to have a successful hunt, is encouraged to stuff and preserve the catch and hang it on a wall, maybe as a decoration that the family can enjoy at Christmas.

Teachers to be armed with access to turn off the wifi box

As harsh measures were brought in this week after Donald Trump said that teachers will be carrying guns following the mass school shooting in Florida, Luxembourg is taking no chances and will be providing all teachers nationwide with privileged access to all wifi boxes and internet connections.

The teachers will have the option to turn off the wifi at any time if they see any pupils becoming unruly or becoming distracted and posing a danger to the class.

“Concerns have been growing for some time about the general mental health of the young people,” said one teacher. “We stand a chance of losing an entire generation to Snapchat and stop dogs ears.”

Some people, mostly the younger generation, have considered the move one step too far.

Benelux News will keep up to date with all the progress as it becomes available.