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Luxembourg border controls for personal hygiene for Belgian drivers

Luxembourg’s border poluce uave stepped up controls on personal hygiene after yesterday’s stench spread across the country.  After the bad smell was officially blamed on a paper factory near the Belgian border spread across the country, Luxembourg authorities are taking no risks and have warned motorists to shower and wear deodorant before making any attempt to cross the border into […]

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“Christmas is a time for giving” claims barman charging €3.50 for a 25cl beer at Christmas Market

People this year were reminded that Christmas is a time for giving while Christmas stands were charging customers higher prices for drinks and food than normal bars. While paying just €40 a day for stall rent and having volunteer staff working his Christmas stall, the local man running the stand said; “It’s a time for giving and what better way […]

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World’s biggest facepalm causes earthquake fears after Trump wins presidency

Emergency services were alerted this morning after the world’s biggest simultaneous facepalm triggered earthquake warnings reaching 7.2 on the richter magnitude scale. Donald Trump’s elected presidency triggered the tremors so strong, even the financial markets collapsed. Despite reassuring speeches and statements made from the new President and relevant authorities, world citizens are being told to be vigilant. 

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Bertrange residents evacuated after Cora / Del Haize peace talks break down

Residents were evacuated over night last night after peace talks between two rival supermarkets broke down in the early hours. The official announcement was made at 2.55am with military force and aid workers arriving as early as 4.00am. “People were panicking and understandably very nervous of the situation,” said one of the aid workers. “We are working around the clock […]

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Loud Americans manage to annoy entire restaurant 

Hungry eaters were left feeling frustrated last night after a group of American business men went for dinner at a city centre restaurant.  The group of four men sat down at a table around 8 o’clock and made their presence very known.  The group were talking and laughing loudly while they discussed various topics, all related to work and being […]