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Workaholic can’t understand why colleagues are happy it’s Friday

A city centre office workaholic with no friends simply can’t understand why his colleagues are happy it’s Friday, it was revealed today. The statement came as fellow colleagues were discussing weekend plans in the office during a coffee break. “They were discussing what they are planning to do this weekend and someone suggested leaving a bit early,” the man said. […]

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Immobilier values kettle at €12,500 

One of Luxembourg’s top immobilier companies has decided on the value of a kettle at €12,500 yesterday, after the home owners decided to leave a few items behind. The apartment is due to go on the market next week and hoping to fetch a huge price. “The owners decided to leave a few things behind and so we valued them […]


Belgium’s E25 motorway closed after scientists discover entire city inside pothole

Many of Belgium’s roads including the E25 motorway linking Luxembourg to Liege were closed on Tuesday morning after scientists discovered an entire living city inside one of the many potholes along the road. As details are starting to be released, it is claimed that the newly discovered city almost rivals the size of Brussels. The discovery has uncovered an array […]

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Immobilier to open office in camping site

One of Luxembourg’s top immobilier companies is to open a new office in a campsite in the north of Luxembourg.  After years of exploiting housing prices and pushing the prices up to record levels, new sights are being set to campsites. “We’ve been milking the market for years,” said a spokeman. “We were running out of options for houses, so […]