Brexit supporters IQ reaches a new low

Shock rippled through Europe today after two of Britain’s biggest Brexit supporters travelled freely through the eurozone to take a stupid photo.

Using their open border passports for travel, they decided to take a photo disapproving the very agreement that allowed them to travel to do so.

Echoes of laughter could be heard throughout the surrounding countryside as the pair of muppets put their thumbs down next to the sign of Schengen.

Interpol have been informed and are currently seeking to close the border between France and UK before the pair reach Calais.

Should anyone encounter thisĀ pair on the way home, the EU has granted free permission to punch them in the face.


Supermarket security guard thinks EVERYONE is a shoplifter

An exclusive interview with a Luxembourg security guard revealed that all supermarket security are under strict orders to suspect EVERYONE of shoplifting, regardless of age, gender or colour.

“We believe that everyone is a potential thief here,” said the guard who comes from Thionville. “Even the old ladies with a member card from the shop since 10 years or more are a potential threat and may try to steal some eggs. We can’t take any chances.”

Benelux News caught up with one customer, Josephine, who explained her frustration with being hassled every time she tries to enter the supermarket. 

“It really is stupid,” she said. “I am treated like a criminal every time I come to buy my groceries. One day I’m going to take my mobility scooter and ram-raid this f*cking place!”

Cora, Auchan and Cactus refused to comment. 

Woman going on holiday thinks 20kg baggage allowance is a targetĀ 

A woman from Bertrange was shocked this week to discover that the 20kg baggage allowance for her flight was in fact a limit and not a target. 

Despite not needing half the clothes she packed for her holiday, she became agitated when her husband pointed out that she would probably do some shopping on holiday and would need more space available in her suitcase in order to bring the shopping back home.

After some despair and stress, she then suggested that she put some of her clothes in to her husbands suitcase in order to take everything that she thought she might need.

After the husbands initial refusal, an argument then occurred which resulted in him just giving up packing all together and had to just shut up while she finished packing. 

“I just don’t understand,” she said. “I always make the baggage allowance a target as I thought the airlines wanted me to pack that much, so that the bag doesn’t collapse under all the other bags in the hold. It’s so confusing.” 

The man was unavailable for comment.

Luxembourg football fans 100% convinced Luxembourg will win 2018 World Cup

A group of Luxembourg football fans are 100% convinced that Luxembourg will lift the trophy at the 2018 World Cup after winning the qualification match against France on the weekend. 

The away 0-0 draw has caused fever pitch among fans with excitement growing by the second.

“Majo ha… 2018 is the year for Letzebuerg,” said Jean Claude after the game while drinking a diekirch. “Letzebuerg is the best team in the world now.”

Gotham Club to be renamed Fight Club

The infamous Gotham Club in Limpertsberg has announced plans to rebrand under the new name; Fight Club.

The new name was decided after dozens of reviews of the club on its Facebook page of clients complaining of being beaten up by the security staff.

“We had so many reports of customers having the crap beaten out of them that we just decided that was what we had to name it,” said manager Bob Ballface.

“Our policy is basically to get people in, get them to spend as much money as possible on overpriced bottles of alcohol and then kick the crap out of them once we think they have no money left.”

“If anyone complains, we just ignore them and carry on like nothing happened, while claiming to be the best club in the world, which everyone knows is bullshit.”

Want to get beaten up after a bottle of cheap champagne? Then head to Gotham this weekend for even more bad music and bad attitude!

3 days of national mourning declared after beer spillage on roundabout

Xavier Bettel today declared 3 days of national mourning after a massive beer spillage on a roundabout between Holtzhum and Hosingen.

Local police arrived quickly at the scene with straws to try to save what they could. But the beers were declared dead at the scene.

A 1 minute silence will be held in bars across the country at 12 midday on Thursday.

All local residents have been advised to consume as much beer as possible, as you never know what will happen next.


Government steps up campaign to warn people about the dangers of krack

A new campaign was announced this morning after the news broke of 14 people being put out on the street after years of what was described as “working in a public krack shop.”

“It had got to the point where anyone could just walk in and buy what they wanted and walk out within minutes.” Said one of the workers who preferred not to be named. “It was crazy.”

The workers were aware of a guy who was in charge, but never met him. “We were constantly told about some guy named Joseph, but nobody ever saw him. We were told he was always close by.”

Police investigations are on going while the campaign goes to press.