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Gotham Club to be renamed Fight Club

The infamous Gotham Club in Limpertsberg has announced plans to rebrand under the new name; Fight Club. The new name was decided after dozens of reviews of the club on its Facebook page of clients complaining of being beaten up by the security staff. “We had so many reports of customers having the crap beaten out of them that we […]

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Luxembourg joins list of global abandoned cities while the whole country goes on holiday 

Reports came in this morning that Luxembourg has officially joined the official list of global abandoned cities after almost the entire population went on holiday.  Shops and restaurants closed throughout the city and people were nowhere to be seen. Despite worry from local business owners, local politicians reassured them that “they’ll be back soon.”

Daily Life

New results show Luxembourg citizens to be the richest poor people in the world

Fresh results were published this morning showing that Luxembourg’s citizens are actually the richest poor people in the world. The study was researched heavily looking into different areas, such as housing, food, electric and water charges and the price of an Humpen. Shocking results showed that despite seemingly good salaries, it still wasn’t enough to cover general living costs and […]